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Duck the Rust with Oil Gard Anti-Rust

Oil Gard protects more than your vehicle's body, it also protects key components like gas tanks and brake lines. Bainer's Radiators uses Formula 2 No-Drip rust protection by Oil Gard. This enhanced rust-proofing spray is best applied on an annual basis, for maximum protection. 

Why Rust-Proofing?

Rust-proofing is not just for new cars.

Here are a few reasons to Oil Gard your vehicle:

  1. Keeping your vehicle on the road longer is almost always more environmentally responsible than purchasing a new vehicle, and sending your old one to landfill. Oil Gard Anti-Rust keeps cars on the road, and even prevents rust from spreading on used cars 

  2. Oil Gard protects more than just your vehicle's paint - it protects the body panels, under-body metal and sub-frames which impact the safety and quality of your vehicle

  3. Rust-proofing can mitigate the effects of value depreciation by preventing damage to your vehicle and protecting the paint from bubbling from rust

  4. Road salt can lead to brake failure, so it's important to protect your brake lines with a rust prevention solution like Oil Gard.

Formula 2 No-Drip by Oil Gard

Formula 2 No-Drip rust-proofing is an exclusive formula designed to give superior penetration of the pores, seams and joints of your vehicle. Not only does it displace existing moisture, it creeps into hard-to-reach places and clings to your vehicle, resisting the effects of wet, snowy and salty roads.

Formula 2 No-Drip rust-proofing by Oil Gard fights heat, stress and reactive condensation breakdown by creating an airtight barrier, protecting your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about rust-proofing & Oil Gard Anti-Rust

  1. When is the best time to get my car rust-proofed?​​

If you haven't had Oil Gard Rust Prevention applied to your vehicle, the best time is NOW. Any time, any season, Formula 2 No-Drip will protect your vehicle from rust. It is best to apply it annually for maximum protection.

2. My car already has some rust on it. What's the point of getting it rust-proofed?

Rust-proofing isn't just to prevent rust on sparkling new vehicles. Applying Oil Gard rust-proofing to used vehicles can actually prevent rust from spreading, and increase the life of your vehicle. It can also prevent damage caused by rust to important parts of your vehicle like the body panels, under-body metal and sub-frames

3. How often does my vehicle need to be rust-proofed?

Vehicles should be sprayed with Oil Gard rust-proofing annually. It takes 45 minutes - 1 hour to complete, and will protect your vehicle from rust all year, through all the seasons.

4. Does my vehicle need to be drilled?

Most new vehicles have openings for rust-proofing in the panels pre-drilled. Some new vehicles, and older vehicles may need holes drilled to ensure the rust-proofing spray reaches rust-prone places on your vehicle. These access holes do not void you manufacturers warranty. Ask our rust-proofing application specialists for more details about your specific vehicle.

5. What is the difference between this and undercoating?

Undercoating is the application of an oil spray to the underside of your vehicle. This prevents rust on the bottom of your vehicle, however this does not protect your vehicle when road salt mixed with water splashes on to other areas and causes corrosion. Our rust-proofing product is sprayed on multiple areas of your vehicle that are prone to rust, including the bumpers, under-body,  doors, fenders, trunk lid, engine area, hood and wheel wells.

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