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A great place to take a leak!

All joking aside, at Bainer's we have the products to get you back on the road - quickly! With more than 1,500 cooling-system parts in our warehouse, if we don’t have it, we know where to get the part you need - today!

|  Recored  |  Repaired  |  Custom Fabrication

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Stay cool when it’s hot! It makes sense that a business that knows how to keep your engine from over-heating is also the place to go for automotive air-conditioning repairs & service.

We will inspect your vehicle's cooling system, test for leaks, and advise you on the repairs and parts needed. With new air-conditioning components onsite, it's no sweat!

  • A/C Condensers

  • Compressors

  • Evaporators

  • Accumulators

  • Tubing

  • Expansion valves


Think all rust-proofing is the same?

Think again!

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Oil Gard is a specially-formulated anti-rust coating designed to shield your car against corrosion from the inside out. Oil Gard protects more than your vehicle's body, it also protects key components like gas tanks and brake lines.

PLUS, Oil Gard Formula 2 No-Drip stays on your vehicle, protecting your driveway and garage floor.

At Bainer's, we use only the best! We find our customers get the most protection when Oil Gard Formula 2 No-Drip is applied in both the Spring and Fall. Road salt and de-icing brines that have been lying dormant on your car or truck all winter begin their corrosive process as soon as the weather starts to warm up. This is when your vehicle is at the most risk. It's also the time when Oil Gard  goes into overdrive, creeping into all the crevices, welds and creases for an unparalleled level of protection.

Following Oil Gard’s tried and tested application process, at Bainer's we ensure your car is protected from top to bottom against the harsh effects of road salt and anti-ice brines.


Call us today to book an appointment and enjoy the added years of a rust-free, well-maintained vehicle. Not only will it look good, it will have a higher resale value!



At Bainer’s you will find a large inventory of fuel-system components for automotive, commercial and agricultural equipment. It's all about extending the life of your vehicles, which is why we also offer Oil Gard Anti-Rust. Oil Gard is a proven rustproofing solution that protects fuel tanks, gas lines and other important components.


  •  Fuel Sending Units

  •  Lock Rings

  •  Filler Necks

  • Oil Gard Rustproofing




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